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Irreco for n900 tutorial


Irreco user guide by Sami Mäki and Sami Parttimaa.

- Harri Vattulainen

Upcoming Fremantle and project status


Maemo 5 version of Irreco for Nokia N900 is now available in extras-devel repository. The new Fremantle port takes advantage of N900's internal IR transmitter. The irreco-for-n900 metapackage is recommended. It includes Irreco core package, LIRC server and Internal LIRC backend. In addtion, the user can browse through over 2 000 IR command files in the LIRC Database for devices by hundreds of manufacturers.

New project group is currently creating a QT version of Irreco. More of that at this site, when the time comes.

- Harri Vattulainen

Tutorial for new Remote upload / download feature


Irreco user guide by Sami Mäki and Harri Vattulainen.

- Joni Kokko

Tutorial for new Theme Editor


Irreco user guide by Pekka Gehör.

- Joni Kokko

Irreco 0.7.0 - Remote upload / download and Theme Editor


  • Support for uploading and downloading remotes
  • Theme Editor feature added
  • Layout.conf files reorganized
  • Command Chains moved to layout.conf files
  • Web Browser backend for Irreco

Irreco allows user to upload his/her own remotes to database. All irreco users can download remotes from database. User can create and edit his/her own themes with Theme Editor. Check out the new Web Browser backend here. This version of Irreco requires maemo version 4.2008.36-5

Test report.

- Joni Kokko

Public Git repository for Irreco


Irreco source code is now publicly available at See download section for details.

- Sami Mäki

Tutorial for new Theme Manager


Irreco user guide by Sami Mäki.

- Joni Kokko

Irreco - Theme Manager


  • Theme Manager feature added
  • Support for uploading and downloading themes
  • Options to theme.conf file
  • Options to button.conf file

Theme Manages allows user to upload his/her own themes to database. All irreco users can download themes from database. User can delete his/her themes and downloaded themes. Some options added to .conf files. Check the new options to theme.conf and button.conf files from here. This version of Irreco requires maemo version 4.2008.36-5

Test report.

- Joni Kokko

Tutorial for new Commandline Backend and new theme system


Irreco user guide by Joni Kokko and Sampo Savola.

- Joni Kokko

Irreco 0.6.4 - Themes and Commandline Backend


  • Button images can now be selected from themes
  • Wallpapers are organized by theme
  • Modifications to theme hierarchy
  • Commandline Backend

This version uses new theme system. If you want to update your old version of irreco to this version, you have to update themes also. button styles must be set again, after upgrade. This version does not contain upload / download feature. Those are moved to next version. More information about themes in here. Check out the new Commandline Backend here. MythTV Backend is dropped from Irreco meta package, but it is still available at the extras repository. This is bacause MythTV can be used with Telnet Backend.

Test report.

- Joni Kokko

Irreco 0.6.2 - Bugfixing


Compatibility problem with chinook fixed. This version works with chinook and diablo.

- Joni Kokko

Irreco 0.6.1 - Libsoup


  • xmlrpc changed to libsoup
  • buttons-folder changed to theme-folder

New theme system is coming with next version of irreco, that allows users to upload and download their own button styles and backgrounds to database. This version contains new theme-folder architecture only. After you update irreco to version 0.6.1 you must to update themes also. This version works only with DIABLO.

Test report.

- Joni Kokko

Tutorial for adding Telnet controller in Irreco


Irreco user guide by Joni Kokko, Sami Mäki, Sampo Savola and Harri Vattulainen.

- Joni Kokko

Tutorial for using new webdb-feature to upload and download devices in Irreco


Irreco user guide by Joni Kokko, Sami Mäki, Sampo Savola and Harri Vattulainen.

- Joni Kokko

Irreco 0.6.0 - Download and upload devices


  • Upload device dialog
  • Download device dialog
  • User registration dialog
  • Backend api changed
  • IrTrans supports new features
  • New telnet backend

Users can download devices from database and registered users can upload their own devices to database.

With telnet backend user can use Irreco for controlling mediaplayers and other software which can be controlled via telnet. Comes with default telnet commands for MPD, Foobar, MythTV, VLC and Winamp.

Test report.

- Joni Kokko

User Guide


Irreco and IRTrans user guide by Teemu Hirvonen.

- Arto

White theme


White theme by Teemu Hirvonen. You can download it from themes page.

- Arto

Irreco 0.5.7 - Bugfixing, Documenting, Tweaking


  • GtkButtons can once again be added using Style Browser dialog.
  • Made GtkButtons without a name a bit larger.
  • Changed comments so that Doxygen documentation generator works properly.
  • MythTV command additions requested by Gerolf Ziegenhain and Marcus Redeker.
  • Some Maemo integration patches by Joni Kokko.

Test report.

- Arto

LIRC instructions


Added LIRC instructions to documentation page.

- Arto

Irreco 0.5.6 - Bugfixing


  • Disabled home and menu hardkey support because OS has special use for them.
  • Revorked IRTrans handling, should be less error prone.
  • Fixed some problems with the order some dialogs are shown.

There were also some problems with theme packages at first, but those too have been fixed. Also OK and Play/Pause buttons have been added to all themes, you can get them by updating the theme packages in Application Manager.

Mika Oikarinen has been testing Irreco, the test report is here. Most of the bugs found during testing have been fixed.

- Arto

Irreco 0.5.5 - Themes and misc changes.


  • Added icons to Hardware Keys dialog.
  • allow-text bstyleconf attribute implemented.
  • About dialog added.
  • Some code cleanup.
  • Fast click will no longer move buttons in Edit remote window. Instead the popup menu is now reliably shown.
  • Buttonstyle selection dialog is more responcive. It no longer waits for all images to be loaded before showing itself, instead, it shows the dialog first and loads images afterwards.

You can download Evil, Sunflower, Modern and Scifi themes from the themes page.

- Arto

Irreco 0.5.4 - Extras repository


  • Improved backend error dialog.
  • Added Irreco to maemo extras repository.

Irreco can not be installed from the extras repository for OS2008. If you already have an older version of Irreco installed, you should uninstall it before downloading a new version from the repository.
- Arto

New website


A new pretty website layout created by Teemu Hirvonen.
- Arto

Irreco 0.5.3 - OS2008 port


  • Support for OS2008 / Chinook
  • Command chain execution rate can be set.

Ir Remote Control version 0.5.3 for OS2008
IRTrans debian package version 5.9.07 for OS2008
- Arto

Irreco 0.5.2 - Hardware keys


  • Commands can be attached to hardware keys.
  • Saving of command chains to configs rewritten to support hardware keys.
  • Irreco will automatically convert the old configs to the new format.
  • Fixed problems with layout changing.
  • Rename remote command now saves the new name to the config files.
  • Previous / Next remote commands now properly rotate around the list of remotes.

Ir Remote Control version 0.5.2 for Nokia N800
- Arto

Irreco 0.5.1 - Bugfixes


  • Fixed mythtv related crash.
  • Fixed empty select remote menu.
  • Added some help messages.
  • Misc ui tweaks.

Ir Remote Control version 0.5.1 for Nokia N800
- Arto

Irreco 0.5.0 - MythTv control


This version of irreco brings a lot of internal changes and a MythTv control backend. You should uninstall the old version of Irreco before installing Irreco 0.5.0. Also, if you have not installed the new version of IRTrans package. You should do so now.

  • Major updates to internal project structure.
  • All backends now have their own subdir and makefiles.
  • IrrecoUtil is now a library instead of just *.c file.
  • Irreco backend api version 2.
  • New button styles.
  • Mythtv control backend by Jami Pekkanen.
  • Devices can be handled directly from a device menu, instead of going through backend configuration dialog.
  • New logo and icon.
  • Wait command for command chains.

Ir Remote Control version 0.5.0 for Nokia N800
IRTrans debian package version 5.9.07
- Arto

Irreco 0.4.5 - IRTrans dongle autodetect


This version support autodetection of IRTrans dongles, but in order for that to work, you must install version 5.9.07 of the IRTrans debian package.

  • IRTrans dongle autodetect.

Ir Remote Control version 0.4.5 for Nokia N800
- Arto

Irreco 0.4.4 - Background images


  • Minor user interface tweaks.
  • Background images / color.
- Arto

Irreco 0.4.3 - Minor Ui improvements


  • User interface improvements for Irreco
  • User interface improvements for IRTrans backend
- Arto

Irreco 0.4.2 - Ui improvements


  • User interface updates for Irreco.
  • User interface updates for IRTrans backend.
  • Select remote menu crash fixed.
- Arto

Irreco 0.4.1 - Fullscreen mode


Hi, heres a new version of Irreco. This version mostly tweaks things that were not guite ready when i made 0.4 release. Also, if you want to create customise the way your buttons look, take a look at Custom button styles at the documentation page.

  • Fullscreen mode
  • Rudimentary support for teaching Ir commands to IRTrans
- Arto

Irreco 0.4 released with IRTrans Ethernet support


  • User interface improvements.
  • New extendable backend system.
  • Lirc backend.
  • IRTrans backend.
- Arto

Irreco 0.3 released - First public release


  • First released version.
  • Supports LIRC with a separate binary named netirsed, which is based on irsend command from LIRC sources.
  • User can create several Remotes, each remote has unique button layout.
  • Internal button layout editor.
  • Saves / Reads remotes to config file.
  • Read button styles from config files.
- Arto