QtIrreco Team


IR led is working but QtIrreco doesn't send any signal?

First thing to check is if lirc is running by typing ps in terminal.You should see this line:

/usr/sbin/lircd --device=/dev/lirc0 --listen=8765

Then check the file under /home/user/MyDocs/qtirreco/Remotes/<remotename.conf> for whats the device in line:

command: <device> <command<

Then check if that device actually is the same under /home/user/MyDocs/qtirreco/Devices/<device>. There check the line after begin remote:

name <device>

Then under /etc/lircd.conf you should have proper device path included.

If those devices in lines match and lirc runs the IR signal should be sent. Some codes doesn't work but still the signal is emitted.